Upcoming Festivals That We Want To See

Who doesn’t love festivals, hey? All the entertainment, over priced food and buzz of the day. We’re not talking about the mud bath that is Glastonbury. What we really want to see are the short film festivals. Here are five that we are dying to see.

1. Encounters

Encounters is a short film festival based in Bristol that has a short but rich history. It all started in 1995 as Brief Encounters (No connections to the TV series about lingerie). As it became more and more popular it became an annual event for the whole of Bristol to look forward to. In 2001 it extended an arm to the world of animation and created Animated Encounters, a sibling to the original festival. Five years later in 2006 the two festivals merged to become Encounters Short Film Festival and doubled in its popularity. In 2010 Encounters became a qualifying festival for the Academy Awards Short Film Category and only a year later announced its partnership with the European Short Film Festival, becoming one of fifteen major European Film Festivals.

Encounters is also known for its great support for upcoming creatives in the film industry. It creates the opportunities for new film makers to establish themselves and put their work out there with around 7000 emerging creatives. On top of this it also gives inexperienced film makers a chance to experience everything involved from work shops to pitching film ideas to large names in the film industry.

Just an average Tuesday for Aardman Studios

This year they will be boasting a lot of great talent such as Crystal Lake directed by Jennifer Reeder and the Aardman 40th Anniversary Special, famous for coming from Bristol itself (how fitting).

If you would like to learn more just visit their website at

2. Foyle Film Festival

Moving over to Ireland now and more specifically Derry where the Foyle Film Festival will be taking place from the 16th to the 20th of November. This film festival has been going since 1988, a whole 28 years. They attract highly acclaimed Irish actors such Brendan Gleeson and Cillian Murphy which really boosts their popularity.

No smoking inside the theatre please Cillian
No smoking inside the theatre please Cillian

The best thing about the Foyle Film Festival is their focus on education and combating social problems. They offer Educational workshops and programs which can elevate the schools in their own programs. By doing this students who may not have the facilities to make great films can now do even more than that. As well as helping schools out they also offer extra curricular programs for the people who really want to hit home with their projects.

For more information on this festival go to their website at or check out their facebook page at

3. Wimbledon International Short Film Festival

This festival, organised by the Wimbledon Film Club is a festival that welcomes everybody no matter your talent, experience or genre. Everybody is welcome to submit and watch. As part of the Wimbledon Film Club the festival is a not-for-profit organisation and uses only volunteers. This charitable organisation has won awards from the British Federation of Film Societies making it a great success considering it doesn’t take any profit from the festival itself.

On the 1st of October they will be showing all kinds of films and in particular, films that try to challenge conventional film making by using new techniques and concepts. This can range from films about your need to dance to films about your satnav leading your life.

they look concerned. Maybe they need one of cillian's cigarettes
the two main characters of feature short film ctrl

If you fancy this one have a look on

4. British Urban Film Festivals

If you haven’t found anything you fancy yet, maybe this will tickle your fancy. After eleven years BUFF is one of the most recognised film festivals in the UK, especially for younger generations who may find it easier to connect with these films. They take pride in their diversity and their ability to relate to most people living in urban areas of inner cities.

One of the main causes for this festival is to give film makers a helping hand in their career, whether they are actors, directors or script writers. They do this by showing films on live platforms, over the internet and even a few on television. Some have made it on to Channel 4 whilst others have broken through to BBC iPlayer.

we're happy it's happening as well
we’re happy it’s happening as well

Take a look at their website at

5. Manchester Animation Festival

This festival is here to celebrate everything animated from your first flash player animation to frame by frame modelling, just like Wallace and Gromit. Everybody is welcome to this family friendly festival as it shows off all the animating talent the UK has to offer. Even after just one year of being open it already has the recognition of some the countries best including Aardman who will be showing a special showcase there this year.

the man, the myth, the legend. it’s morph!

Take a look at what they have to offer here:

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