The Multiple Uses Of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality looks to have no boundaries when it comes to what you can simulate and how it could help you personally or socially. Whether it’s your phobia of spiders or a test on your skills in surgery, Virtual Reality makes it that much more umm…real?

The 13+ age restriction is a shame but almost perfect at the same time. At the age of thirteen, most children in schools would be in year nine, meaning that they would be preparing themselves for their first year of GCSE in year ten. This would be the perfect time to start using programs in Biology to explore the body or in History to experience the building of the pyramids in Egypt or the entertainment in the Colosseum in Rome. There are already programs like this available such as “The Body VR” which is available on the Rift CV1.

As well as teaching mainstream education, it could also help teach children with disabilities who have difficulty with social situations or similar. This could be very beneficial for introverted people who are not quite ready to interact with people that they may not be comfortable with.

Not only can we teach young children and people with social problems, we can also teach many professionals who wish to work in the public services such as the NHS and fire service. By creating programs where the medical student or learning fire fighter are put in to a virtual situation, they can take in information and experience without having to be put in danger themselves.

Virtual Reality is also being used in the competitive business world. There is so much space to simulate and experience products that could be too big to carry to clients or are yet to be physically created. A good example of this could be in the property development or architecture business where a building, flat or home may not be created yet and so virtual reality could be a fantastic way of showing their own clients what they would like to create and what is to come.

Architecture VR
Just £2 million? Perfect.

And of course there is the purpose that the original Oculus Rift was created for. Gaming. Every day new ideas for virtual reality games are being produced by creatives in the gaming industry. Graphics every day are being improved and are making a huge impression upon the gaming world. At the annual technology convention E3, a lot of promising games were released with outstanding graphics, experiences and concepts.

One that particularly caught my eye was “Wilson’s Heart”, a game set in the 1940s in a psychiatric hospital where murder and mystery is the main theme. This is not your classic “who dunnit?” mystery however. This is more of a horror where you can not trust anyone, not even yourself.

Wilsons Heart
Are these trustworthy faces?

The real question is, what’s next for Virtual Reality? Perhaps one day it’ll be made more mobile so rather than staring at your computer and living in another world, you can stare at the wall outside your neighbour’s house and live in another world.


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