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Gold for Team BBC

Over the past week the Olympics have taken the world by storm and the BBC created a huge hype about the games using animation to really hit home. This hasn’t been the first time that the BBC has opted for an animated advert as they used animation in their advert for the 2012 London Olympic Games and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

The real quality of BBC’s animated adverts is that they can create endless scenarios that would not be possible from a live shoot. For example in the 2010 Winter Olympics they had a monster trapped in ice who was then crushed by a stone. I would be truly amazed and impressed if you could find a live shot like that.

Something that animation is fantastic for is capturing and keeping the attention of the audience. One of the reasons for this is that with the endless possibilities that animation offers, it’s harder to predict what is going to happen. The BBC have really capitalised on this by using the jungle as equipment so it’s even harder to predict what the animals are going to do, thus keeping the audience more engaged.

Acrobatic Sloth
Poor effort for an Olympian I thought!

Another pro for animation would be to get the message across to the audience clearly and fast. The message here is that the Olympics will be covered on the BBC, however rather than just coming straight out with it they have come up with a bit of a narrative whilst showing the wide range of sports that will be available.

In this case it seems that the BBC have hit three audiences; children of ages 5-12 and young adults to mature adults which can be from ages of 13-20 and 21-40. By using the animals which are not frequently seen in the UK such as alligators they capture the imagination of the younger generations. By comparing these animals to human athletes, this would grab the attention from older generations by making them think about the raw talent that the Olympians boast.

Diving Alligator
We’ve been expecting a lot from these two

At Spinning Clock we also have a taste for CGI animation and 4D graphics. Look no further than our own website for some examples of this as we have worked with brands such as CBBC, Disney and Fortress Interlocks who love this approach.

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