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Homer Live – How did they D’oh it?

Last month, Homer was live for the first time ever answering calls from the public – all in real time! But what was the secret behind it?

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The answer is – The latest version of Adobe’s Character Animator along with After Effects.
By using Character Animator’s puppet tool they rigged Homer’s face to respond to actor Dan Castellaneta’s facial movements.


Dan Castellaneta was placed in front of a camera throughout the live broadcast enabling animations to be automatically created based on the live video feed. Accompanying the live features were pre-animated body movements and even supporting characters appeared via keyboard shortcuts during the broadcast.

The new version of Character Animator enables animated characters to be more spontaneous and natural. And by making character’s more natural the messages they convey become more believable to audiences.

Spinning Clock uses animated characters for this very purpose, to convey effective promotional messages for a variety of companies – see a few of our past animations projects below.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Capture Select
Two characters using different scientific methods and getting very different results!

Capita Advantage
We show how the various features of this innovative software benefits both students, lecturers and parents.

Change4Life and Disney Activity Video
Using some familiar and not so familiar characters we motivate children to do their best on this physical activity at the Change4Life roadshows. This video was embedded in a specially designed rowing machine that helped visitors begin to get more active!

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