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Choose Animation- simples!

Animation brings messages and ideas to life in any visual form you can imagine – even meerkats.


And animation isn’t just for films and cartoons – it can also greatly benefit businesses through marketing and advertising. Static, plain imagery will lose the audience’s attention very quickly while animation can keep people engaged and entertained while they are being informed. And this can be done through character based animationsinformation graphics and 3D technical animations.


Brands such as Kellogg’s and Compare the Market have found great success by incorporating character based animations to their branding and advertising campaigns. Compare the Market‘s meerkat advertisements increased the company’s value from £43 million in 2008 to £88 million in 2012 ever since Aleksandr the meerkat’s debut in January 2009.

How does it work?

By having a character represent your brand, your audience has something visual to associate with, making it more memorable. And don’t forget, characters don’t just help sell products, they create a relationship with your audience that they remember.

The Spinning Clock animation studio has produced some of the most successful campaigns ever created for our clients using characters to tell the story – check out examples of our work here:

Capture Select for Thermo Fisher

Sonny for LTD

Capita Advantage for Capita Software

But how do the other animation methods work?

Character animation isn’t the only way to engage the public; information graphics and motion graphics also help explain complex issues very simply. And when it comes to advertising and marketing, visuals really speak louder than words.

Check out our work to see what we mean:

Classroom Monitor

MagMAX Animation

Allocate SafeCare

And finally 3D technical animations are an effective way of visualising and demonstrating products.

Take a look at our technical animations below:

Fortress Interlocks


Spinning Clock can take your advertising and marketing strategy to the next level with animation. Interested?
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