Spinning Clock get Brazilian World Cup Transfers!


Brazil may not have performed their best at this years World Cup (some might call that an understatement!) but what great hosts and what a tournament!! As massive fans of this South American super-nation we were over the moon to recently accept 2 brilliant Brazilian transfers into our team. Larissa and Rita are part of an overseas Design study programme through Nottingham Trent University and part of that programme is spending 12 weeks on an professional placement here at Spinning Clock! Meet Larissa and Rita…


Larissa Ramos


Olá, my name is Larissa and I am currently a Design intern here at Spinning Clock. I am originally from a small town located in the northern part of Brazil called Campina Grande. At the moment I am on a study break from my Design Degree at the Federal University of Campina Grande, and during my leave I am attending a year of Product Design at the Nottingham Trent University.

Prior to coming to the UK and during my studies in Brazil, I was also an English teacher; this was a great experience for me and enabled me to grow personally and professionally.

In my spare time, I like to play around with a camera, taking pictures of still life as well as my surroundings. I am currently also learning to play guitar and spend a lot of my time reading books. While I have been in the UK, I have used it to springboard into several countries within Europe, such as Germany, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands. It fascinates me all the different cultures and styles in a small area and inspires me in my designs and thoughts.

I see my placement at Spinning Clock as a great opportunity to learn about how it is to work with Design and be part of a team of excellent professionals, be in contact with real-life challenges and contribute during all sorts of projects that I will encounter. My goal is to absorb as much as I can from this big opportunity and apply the knowledge during these 12 weeks at Spinning Clock.


Rita Amorim

Ay up me duck! I’m Rita Amorim, a Graphic and Product Design student from Natal, a beautiful coastal city in northeast Brazil.

In 2013 I was lucky enough to have my application to Science Without Borders accepted (a scheme sponsored by the Brazilian government) getting the chance to study Product Design at Nottingham Trent University for one year. I was then even luckier to get a placement at Spinning Clock, where I aim to enhance my design skills in Graphic Design and Media as well as work with great people!

My interests are in modern art, books, films and music.  So I’m a fan of a bunch of people like March Chagall in painting, Jose Saramago in writing, Tarantino in Films, and Regina Spektor in music.

My hobbies include photography, painting, knitting, playing guitar and ukulele (I’m not really good, but I love having little jam sessions with my friends).  I’m also very into travelling! I was an exchange student in USA where I lived for a year. Here I got the chance of going to London, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin and Copenhagen.

I have to say that when I leave, my heart will stay in Nottingham! I absolutely love this city, its atmosphere and people are amazing and I hope to be able to come back someday!





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