Exploring Chicagoland

View of Chicago

I’ve recently returned from my travels to Canada and the US of A, where a pretty packed itinerary saw me cover almost 1000 miles, taking in Montreal, Toronto, Niagra and finally Chicago, with a few stop-offs in between.

Shown below are a few photos which I took during the mad dash between all the sights. For anyone thinking of making a similar trip, I can’t recommend Chicago highly enough, especially if you like the hustle and bustle of the big city and everything that goes with it – although for those travelling in a hire car be warned that the Chicagoan traffic takes no prisoners! We stayed in The Wit hotel right in the centre of ‘The Loop’ – Chicago’s downtown area, which was next to the famous Chicago Theatre (see the pic below). It had a fantastic rooftop bar that had spectacular views over the city.

Other trip highlights included the Niagra Falls (pretty obviously) , and (more bizarrely) Battle Creek, which is the global headquarters of Kellogs. This place was an unforgettable ghost town that piped Michael Jackson out of speakers attached to the street lights and the few people we did see walked around holding boxes of cornflakes. Only in America!


Toronto at night


Niagra Falls at night




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