Meeting Xobni

During our visit to the States last week, I went to see our friends over at Xobni in down town San Francisco.
Having used Xobni software now for several years to speed up email searching and iPhone contacts list, it was great to finally meet the team behind it!
Their (ex-Twitter) offices are very cool, made even more cool with hand drawn wall art and animations, some of which we were flattered to see were co-incidentally very similar to ours – see the photos below.
Before you do though, try out Xobni on your Mac or PC, then visit the App Store and get Smartr installed on your phone – you wont know how you managed without it! You’ll suddenly realise how many contacts you really have in this world. Very cool indeed.  Download it all for free at
Xobni Chill Out Zone
Our Doodle Wall on the Xobni Doodle Wall. Nice.
Give Xobni a try – we love it!

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